The Echo-Concave Weekly Newsletter


  • Concave Genesis Event
  • Community Proposal 2
  • Halo Tournament
  • Team Interview with Baron Idaho
  • Echo Workshops
  • Miner of the Week
  • Other Community Contributions

Concave Genesis Event

On January 3rd, the team announced that a new event that would happen on the 8th. This event was called the Concave Genesis event. Miners immediately became hyped up, anticipating that more information of the project would be released. That said, there was no official information given on what the event was about. Miners imagined what sort of wonders would be released at the event. On the 5th, a mysterious channel called the Concave Genesis was opened up to miners and in it were various riddles. There would be secret words that were missing most of its letters, and it was up to miners to work together to guess the secret word. At first, the community guessed with speed and precision, but the words became harder to guess. In the channel, hints would trickle down to help the community. Once a certain amount of time passed, the cave would close, and miners would have to wait for a certain amount of time until it opened up again.

Community Proposal 2

Our Policy Lead Miaoshi has been on fire recently with the alpha that he has been sharing on recent blog posts. One significant blog post that Miaoshi has posted recently is his community proposal 2, which offers his proposed rebase model for Concave and his rationale for this model. There is a lot of necessary information that is difficult to go through in detail here, but Miaoshi argues that the focus with this proposal should be to bootstrap treasury growth in the early phases of the protocol and gradually shift to paying back investors in later phases. If you haven’t read through this proposal yet, you can read the blog post here.

Halo Infinite Tournament

If you have spent some time with the community, I’m sure you would know that we have a lot of miners who are interested in gaming. To foster friendships and connections, the community has regular gaming events; For this week, Shaz would like to host a 1v1 Halo Tournament where you can test your meddle with other miners in a fun tournament that would be streamed on the Concave Twitch channel. If you are interested in participating, please contact Marco Polo or Shaz in the Concave Discord to learn more.

Team Interview with Baron Idaho

Community Event Framework

We know that there are a lot of miners that are eager to host events with Concave, and the community team wants to give you the opportunity to do that by giving you the resources and framework to host successful events. We are finalizing this framework right now, and we will have any necessary information you might need to start an event with the community team. With this framework, you will have a dedicated team member check in with you regularly to see if there are any potential issues that come up, resources such as streamers and casters who can help cast your event, and more. If you want to organize an event, feel free to let the community team know!

Miner of the Week

This week’s Miner of the Week goes to Nate the Noble, a member of the community team and event organizer for the community. Nate was a key contributor to organizing the Concave Genesis event, and we wanted to stop by and learn more about Nate and what he does with the Concave community.

Other Community Contributions

The Community Contribution section is a place where we celebrate some of the amazing work of our mining community. Here are some of the brilliant projects that our community has created this past week.



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